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BAAnimation - Fall

Tuition fee €9,800 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Deposit €750 one-time

Mandatory deposit for all dormitory reservations.

Registration fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Insurance fee €150 one-time

Medicover’s health insurance, available only for applicants under the age of 37.

Accommodation fee €440 per month

Please note that a uniform invoice of 400 EUR is issued for everyone as coverage of the first month’s rental fees.

If you get accommodated in a cheaper room type or a different accommodation, the generated overpayment will be deducted from your second month’s rental fees.

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This program is for you if you are interested in animation films not only as a spectator but you are also fascinated by how they are made. Whether you are still looking for your place in the world or already have some ideas about what you would like to contribute to its values, join us, and we will help you make your ideas come true.

Are you interested in how a drawing becomes a motion picture, are you attracted by film tricks, video games, and making apps? As an animation designer, you can become a designer of complex productions in advertising, electronic media, motion pictures, digital post-production or game design, or a specialist in a specific field.

Animation experience, software knowledge, and prior training in visual arts or drawing are beneficial; however, their absence does not hinder your enrollment.

Programme structure

What can you study with us?

- visual techniques offering limitless opportunities
- procedures making the path towards the magical world of animation easy to walk
- practical knowledge with the help of excellent experts and cutting-edge technical infrastructure
- you can find the most suitable genre for yourself

• You will get to know the preparatory and production stages of productions from the idea, the script through the storyboard and animatic to animation and post-production.

• You will learn and apply with confidence the basic principles of visual storytelling, animation, character and layout design and develop your skills in the area which you most prefer.

• You will get familiar with the use of indispensable software for digital filmmaking: editing, compositing and 2D – 3D animation programs.

• You will learn sound design, so you will be able to make the sounds and noises of your film from the start.


• Creative Animation

- Choose this specialization if you want to gain comprehensive knowledge about the complex field of animation, including the whole creative process: concept development, design, and production.
- Beside the mainly 2D digital techniques, you can also exploit the opportunities offered by classical procedures, such as puppet animation or drawing animation.
- You can put more emphasis on creativity, drawing and visual design skills, or storytelling.

Head of specialization: Melinda Kiss DLA, animation designer

• 3D Animation

- This is for you if you are interested in 3D technology and find it captivating to reproduce and rethink the spatial reality.
- You will learn the basics of modelling and animation, and gain insight into the world of 3D visual design and effects.
- Besides the creative design processes, you can place more emphasis on technical skills and software knowledge.

Head of specialization: Márk Selján DLA, 3D designer

Specializations will be chosen from the third semester and will be launched only in case of an appropriate number of applicants.

Main topics:

Story Development, Storyboard Drawing, Animation Film Language, Making Animatics, Drawing Animation, Puppet Animation, 3D Modelling and Motion, 2D Digital Animation, Sound Design, Compositing

Career opportunities

• You will know the production procedures of animation productions.
• You will be confident in using classic or digital techniques.
• You will be able to find a job in animation, in graphic design, at film studios, as a game developer, or work for advertising agencies.
• You will be able to work as a freelancer: in the creative industry, reliable animation experts are in high demand.

Our success stories:

ANNECY 2016 Dávid Dell’Edera: Balcony, Jury Special Award
LONDON INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL Mr Barczy: Hey, Deer! Children’s Film Category, Audience and Jury Award


• Video Clip by Balázs Simon for Nils Frahm’s RE


KAFF 2021 – Lejla Gyarmati: Especially Nowadays… – Best Student Film
KAFF 2019 – Máté Horesnyi: Jacques’ Rampage, Best Student Film
KAFF 2017 – Tina Orosz: The 13th Princess, Best Student Movie
• Sandra Pataki: WireLess, Hungarian Film Critics’ Award, Hungarian Film Award, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Program Participant

Our alumni:

DAVID DELLEDERA – director, Airplan Studio
ÖRS BÁRCZY – 3D specialist, Puppetworks
BALÁZS SIMON – director, freelancer
SZANDRA PATAKI – director, freelancer

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States