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BACommunication and Media Studies - Fall

Tuition fee €6,600 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Deposit €750 one-time

Mandatory deposit for all dormitory reservations.

Registration fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Insurance fee €150 one-time

Medicover’s health insurance, available only for applicants under the age of 37.

Accommodation fee €440 per month

Please note that a uniform invoice of 400 EUR is issued for everyone as coverage of the first month’s rental fees.

If you get accommodated in a cheaper room type or a different accommodation, the generated overpayment will be deducted from your second month’s rental fees.

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This program is for you if you are open, creative and well-informed, with good communication skills: someone who is ready to face challenges, ask questions and stand by their opinion, as well as shape others’ opinions, informing and entertaining by using the tools of creative communication.

Communication and the media have become integral parts of our everyday life. They are not only indispensable for work but they play an essential role in almost every activity imaginable. The latest developments in technology provide an opportunity for an immediate reaction to any event.
Therefore, new applications, such as Web 2.0-based technology, are of paramount importance to us.

Our creativity-focused subjects play an important role in building a professional portfolio for our students. Our aim is to transfer the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to understand and master the constantly evolving tools of communication, in a spirit that enables graduates to use novel means of communication and the media in a responsible way and prepares them to face any future challenges.

Programme structure

During the three academic years, you will learn about the theory of communication and mass media, social studies, psychology and marketing, among others. You can develop your skills during practical courses, such as creative communication, plus social projects and media projects.

From the third semester, you will learn subjects related to your chosen specialization: International Communication or Integrated Media.


• International Communication

Graduates of the International Communication specialization become professionals who are able to perform entrepreneurial, networking and managerial tasks in various fields of international social and political relations based on their comprehensive knowledge and skills gained in the area of mass communication and intercultural communication in addition to their excellent command of two foreign languages used for specific professional purposes. The educational objective of the specialization is to train experts with excellent knowledge of English for specific purposes, who are able to fulfil demanding managerial, networking and organizational duties in a wide range of positions in the area of international business, politics and cultural relations. In accordance with the educational objectives, the program places special emphasis on developing the cross-cultural and intercultural competencies of students, who are also introduced to the complex system of international organizations and the intricate processes that shape international relations. The module places special emphasis on the development of communications skills and the acquisition of special skills related to the successful strategies of career management as well.

• Integrated Media

New media technologies and digitalization are changing media and journalism forever. Media and media education face new challenges in the age of digitalization; the digital revolution and the unstoppable expansion of different platforms of mobile communication tools reshape the face of media continuously. Media convergence is the revolutionary and evolutionary form of the new media environment, causing big changes in the global and national media landscape, media ownership, media systems and structures, information gathering methods, storytelling or presentation methods and also the journalism genres. The changes are based on the digital technological revolution, yet they affect all the social, economic and legal structural factors. In parallel with the changes in the media itself, media education faces new challenges in the age of digitalization as well. The Integrated Media specialization is our answer to these challenges. We are not teaching print, radio, television, online and social media with different specializations – we teach these together, in an integrated way. We also continuously change our education methods to provide relevant skills and knowledge: instead of frontal presentations, we focus on practical and project-based learning.

Specializations are launched only if a minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization.

Main topics:

Theory of Communication, Advertising and Media Planning, Digital Marketing (New Media Marketing and Advertising Trends), Public Relations Theory and Practice, Social Studies, Network Communications, Multimedia tools, Creative Communication, Principles of Marketing, Media Market, Media Law, Media-skills Training

Career opportunities

• journalist, editor, press officer, spokesperson
• mid-level management position in PR,
• advertising and marketing
• salesperson, event organizer
• international affairs officer

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time