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BAInternational Relations - Fall

Tuition fee €6,600 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Deposit €750 one-time

Mandatory deposit for all dormitory reservations.

Registration fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Insurance fee €150 one-time

Medicover’s health insurance, available only for applicants under the age of 37.

Accommodation fee €440 per month

Please note that a uniform invoice of 400 EUR is issued for everyone as coverage of the first month’s rental fees.

If you get accommodated in a cheaper room type or a different accommodation, the generated overpayment will be deducted from your second month’s rental fees.

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The program is set up with the goal of providing students with the theoretical approaches, factual knowledge and practical skills that they need to become effective real-world problem-solvers in an environment where both the challenges we face and the frameworks in which these changes can be addressed are increasingly global and multicultural in nature. Our graduates have a deep and comprehensive understanding of social, political and economic analyses that enable them to understand the rapidly changing nature of global policy challenges and political relations. Furthermore, the program also equips them with the communication and management skills that make them successful even when working in highly complex and demanding environments.

This program is for you if you wish to work in global political and social relations, want to be able to use foreign languages professionally, or harness global forces and opportunities in pursuit of your goals. The program teaches about the world of diplomacy, international organizations and transnational corporations. It is a good fit for students who want to acquire a sound understanding of how the world economy works and seize the opportunities it provides.

This program familiarizes students with the workings of the global architecture of decentralized governance that runs the world today and, with the tensions and openings it generates. It gives our graduates a clear advantage in our complex and fast-paced world by arming them with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and making use of the inner logic of global relations, anticipating the direction in which they develop, and drawing on the opportunities these changes bring.

This program empowers students, allowing them to navigate with success and ease in a globalized world linked together and shaped not only by diplomatic relations between states but also by manifold transnational fields, forces and actors.

Programme structure

The 1st and 2nd semesters offer a broad introduction to the fundamental knowledge and skills in the social sciences, as well as to the historical foundations of present-day international relations.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th semesters contain the core professional subjects specific to the field of international relations, including the subjects of the chosen specialization. Finally, the 6th semester is the time allocated for completing the thesis and the compulsory internship.


• Diplomacy and International Communication

The specialization trains international politics professionals who are able to combine effective analytical and decision-making skills, ethical integrity and cutting-edge communication techniques, and who therefore can easily find their way in the 21st-century world of diplomacy and international economic relations. Courses in the specialization offer insights into security policy, foreign policy analysis, questions of global ethics, environmental politics, and the geopolitics of digital technologies, together with up-to-date communication practices in diplomacy and other fields of international communication. The specialization includes a model diplomacy component modelling the inner workings of international organizations and/or governmental decision-making, offering a chance for students to hone their skills in negotiation, argumentation, critical thinking and political strategy. The specialization is especially recommended for those seeking to work as diplomats, foreign policy experts, public administration employees or communication professionals.

• International Development Cooperation

This specialization prepares professionals in the field of International Development Cooperation. Apart from having specialized courses in international development and practice, students acquire the skills that are necessary for successfully navigating the broader context of international negotiations and economic relations, including familiarity with international business culture and private international law. Students who select this specialization will also learn how to create, manage and finance their own projects, with the opportunity to put these skills into practice in a semester of project work.

Specializations are launched only if a minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization.

Main topics:

Concepts and Theories in International Politics, Diplomacy, International Organizations, International Law, History of Modern International Relations, Civilizations in World History, Global Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, Basics of Law, Sociology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, World Economics, Globalization and World Economic Regions, Applied Statistics, European Integration, International Protocol and Etiquette, Regional Studies, Academic Writing, Research Methodology, Informatics, Skills Training

Career opportunities

• officers and diplomats in the state sector
• actors in the business sector servicing the needs of actors in global governance
• analysts in think tanks and policy advisors
• public administration employees
NGO and international NGO sector employees
• officers in international organizations
• members of transnational advocacy groups
• employees of transnational private regulators
• further studies (MA, MBA) in English in the fields of international relations and business

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
15 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time