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MScTourism Management - Spring

Tuition fee €6,000 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Deposit €750 one-time

Mandatory deposit for all dormitory reservations.

Registration fee €100 one-time

Non-refundable in all cases.

Insurance fee €150 one-time

Medicover’s health insurance, available only for applicants under the age of 37.

Accommodation fee €440 per month

Please note that a uniform invoice of 400 EUR is issued for everyone as coverage of the first month’s rental fees.

If you get accommodated in a cheaper room type or a different accommodation, the generated overpayment will be deducted from your second month’s rental fees.

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This program is for you if you are interested in different cultures and destinations, as well as travelling and languages. You are a creative thinker who is interested in undertaking project-based learning and applying your theoretical knowledge to real case studies. You have some interest in leading and managing destinations, attractions or employees in the tourism, cultural, creative or hospitality sectors.

Budapest is one of the most exciting tourism destinations in the world. The city is famous for its cultural and heritage attractions, its spas and thermal baths, as well as its vibrant nightlife and so-called ‘ruin pubs’. It is the ideal place to study Tourism Management and, at Budapest Metropolitan University, we offer a unique master’s program that emphasizes creativity, tourist experience and destination management.

We use a project-based learning approach which develops students’ practical and vocational skills as well as academic ones. Our friendly campus welcomes a diversity of international as well as Hungarian students and the teaching staff are especially focused on student wellbeing. We also encourage students to join research projects and conferences, publish their work with us, and get involved in excursions and competitions.

Programme structure

Our Master’s program is specially designed to develop students’ ability to think creatively and to be innovative in their work. We connect to many of the most important social trends including experience creation, transformation, sustainability, smart solutions, resilience and many more. We take a very practical approach to education, including project-based learning. We connect our studies closely to the tourism industry in Budapest, especially to cultural tourism, spas and attractions management.

The first year of the program introduces students to creative thinking, as well as some of the most important areas of business and management in tourism. This includes courses about Creative Industries, Cultural, Creative and Heritage Tourism as well as Creative Experience Design. Other specialist Tourism courses are connected to Destination Management and Health Tourism, plus Wellness and Spas (Hungary is famous for its health tourism and thermal spas).

Students study Marketing and Communication Management as well as Strategic Management. Research Methods is another important course that prepares students for the writing of their thesis during the second year. It is also possible to study Electives. During the second year, students have a chance to work on more applied and real-life projects, for example in a creative project course. They learn about Trends in Tourism Product Development, ICT and Creative Media, Heritage Management, Creative Cities, Event Management and Sustainable Planning and Development. They also build on their business and management skills in Enterprise Decision Support Systems and Methods.

Main topics:

Economic Policy; Research Methodology; Managerial (Business) Economics; Cultural, Creative and Heritage Tourism; Marketing and Communication Management; Creative Experience Design; Tourism Legislation and Institutions; Strategic Management; Company Finance and Strategy; Tourism Destination Management; Creative Industries; Health Tourism, Wellness and Spas; Controlling Systems; Enterprise Decision Support Systems and Methods; Trends in Tourism Product Development; Heritage Management; ICT and Creative Media; Creative City Development; Sustainable Planning and Development; Event Management

Career opportunities

• tour operators
• managers of family businesses
• tourist consultants or advisors
• event organizers
• tourism managers of city, rural and regional municipalities
• managers of local, regional and national tourism
• animators
• managers working for health and wellness spas
• mid- and top-level managers of hotels
• attraction managers
• managers in the cultural and creative sectors

Apply now! Spring semester 2023/24
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Spring semester 2023/24
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States