Rules of entering Hungary in 2020

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If you are an international freshman of METU, you need to fill a Police Registration form (individual leniency application) to enter Hungary.

Please fill the form here:

We created a manual for you, which is going to help you to fill this form. Check it here:
A FAQ was also created on how to fill in the leniency application, if you have any questions check it here:

If you have already obtained a student visa, please don’t forget to attach the following documents to your police registration:

– Student visa page from your passport – Final Acceptance Letter (Hungarian version!) – Medicover contract (see it: in your Final Acceptance Letter Package) – Dormitory/housing contract (you receive the dormitory contract upon paying the first month of the dormitory fee, in case you have any questions please contact ) – Flight ticket – Please also contact our International Directorate ( a few days before your arrival to Hungary, as we need to issue a certificate that you need to print and bring with you to enter the country

After submitting the Police Registration Form, you should receive an official Decision within a few days. This Decision should be printed and taken with you when you travel to Hungary.

(Please note: if you don’t understand the result of the Decision (as it is in Hungarian) please send it to, our colleagues will be happy to help you out.)

Please always find the most up-to-date description about entering Hungary here:

18 Aug 2020